How Costa Express Makes AR-Powered Remote Support a Success

Costa Express is a British coffeehouse chain and subsidiary of The Coca-Cola Company. The company needs to deliver an authentic coffee shop experience through thousands of self-serve coffee-bars serving barista-style coffee. Since deploying SightCall, Costa Express has reduced engineer trips to the field, reduced machine downtime and increased customer satisfaction while providing better peer-to-peer support. Join this webinar to learn more.

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The Speakers


James Doyle

VP of Sales, UK & Northern Europe for SightCall


Elizabeth Allanson

Transformation Manager for Costa Express

What's Included

The Costa Express Transformation Vision

How Costa Express seeks to add value for their customers

How Costa Express Leverages SightCall

Three important areas where Costa applies SightCall technology

Key Metrics

The business metrics targeted by Costa Express for improvement

Results and Challenges

Measurable results from implementing SightCall

Customer Response

How the transformation was recieved by Costa Express' customers

Audience Questions

Specifics about connectivity limitations and more